How To Find Great Event Vendors In New York City

How To Find Great Event Vendors In New York City

At BLACE, we recognized this need and took our vendor marketplace one step further with vetted vendors and preferred vendors who know how to activate your venue successfully. All Blace vendors are true partners of BLACE and experience a thorough vetting process by our team to ensure that each vendor in our network can be trusted to deliver excellence. From catering to floral and décor, entertainment, AV & lighting, photography, and video – BLACE’s vendor network is here to make your event dreams come to life.

Thomas Preti Catering

How To Work with BLACE’s Trusted Vendors

Our vendor partners are ready to support you every step of the way.  We’ve worked personally with everyone on this list, we love them (and we know you will, too). Here’s how to work with them:

Identify Your Event Needs

Every event will have a different set of needs to bring the event to life without a hitch. The first step in finding vendors for your event is to make a list of all your event needs. If you book a venue through BLACE, we are happy to make vendor recommendations based on the space.

The Knot Gala 2022, Venue: Chelsea Industrial

Browse Our Marketplace Of Preferred Vendors

Next, you’ll find the perfect vendor for your event. At BLACE, we’ve curated a marketplace of the best vendors in the industry across all categories, including floral + decor, event planning, staffing, entertainment, production, rentals, AV + lighting, catering, and even photo + video.

Once you have your list, you can contact each vendor through the BLACE platform for a proposal.

Click here to browse our catalog and find the perfect vendors to support you.

Feel Peace Of Mind Executing Your Event

There’s nothing worse than pivots and surprises on your event date. With our vendors, you’ll have the best-in-class people supporting your event, so you can relax like a guest at your own event.

Friends of the Highline, Venue: Chelsea Industrial

Need Help Executing Your Next Event?

Our goal at BLACE is to ease the complicated event planning process, all the while curating an array of unique event spaces and trusted partners for you to choose from. Plus, the BLACE platform will allow you to track proposals, important paperwork, and payments.
We know that event planning can be overwhelming, and we are here to help you bring your perfect event to life.
PS. We’re adding new venues and vendors monthly! Stay in the know with the BLACE newsletter or contact a BLACE Account Manager for any questions.  
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Herb-n-Peach Catering